Gold Team

Gold Team

Language Arts

Mrs. Labbe [email protected]

Mr. Bernier [email protected]
(Team Leader)

Mr.  Dauphinee [email protected]
Social Studies

Mr.  DeMarco [email protected]
Resource Specialist Mrs. Dehey [email protected]

Grade 6 Math

The Math Program in Bristol is a standards based curriculum. The main resource is Illustrative Math, which is an online resource yet students also have workbooks. This online resource is available for students and parents to check out at By checking out Illustrative Math online, you will see that many Math Lessons will involve an exploration piece in which students work in pairs or groups to explore various concepts. Students engaged in this type of discovery lesson seek out solutions using whatever creative means makes sense to them. Then explanations are shared and discussed to ultimately define specific strategies for efficiently solving problems. At times, students may productively struggle and that is expected. I will be working with students to help them become comfortable with thinking critically when solutions are not immediately obvious. 

The Units are:
1) Area and Surface Area

2) Introducing Ratios
3) Unit Rates and Percents

4) Dividing Fractions
5) Arithmetic in Base Ten
6) Expressions and Equations
7) Rational Numbers
8) Data Sets and Distributions

Lastly, the weighting of the grading policy is:  Assessments (including graded classwork) 65% 

Tests 30% 

Homework 5%.  

Mr. Dauphinee

Gold Team Math Teacher & Team Leader,

Math Curriculum Coordinator at CHMS

[email protected]       school phone: 860-584-3881  

Grade 6 Science

The three units that grade 6 students will explore are Ecosystems, Weather/Climate and Chemistry.  Our science program provides students with knowledge of the science and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts, and the core ideas of science and engineering to engage in discussions on science related issues, to be critical consumers of scientific information related to their everyday lives, and continue to learn science throughout their lives. 

Each student has a science notebook that will be utilized on a daily basis for a variety of reasons.  Students will record observations, analyze data, develop and use models, ask questions, plan and carry out investigations and communicate information.  

We have a Gold Team Science Google Classroom page.  Each student was given a code and time in class to join.  Please refer to this page with your child for announcements concerning upcoming assessments and class work.

Mr. Craig Bernier

[email protected]

Grade 6 Language Arts

Welcome to 6th grade Language Arts! I am so excited for this school year and all of the new and exciting things we are going to learn. My goal is to teach all students the skills that they need to be successful in middle school and beyond. The 6th grade LA curriculum will focus on helping students become strong communicators. We will spend time reading closely and analytically, as well as writing effectively for different purposes and audiences. Students will spend time developing speaking, listening, and research skills and continue to build their vocabulary. The year is sure to be packed with challenges, as well as creativity and a lot of fun! 

Mrs. Santopietro  ,  Language Arts

Jennasantopietro[email protected]

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