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The school counseling department, (also sometimes known as the guidance office), and the school psychologists, are always available to help students and parents navigate the often difficult transition from childhood toward independence and personal responsibility.

The middle school years begin a young person's struggle for self-realization. While many students are eager to be independent, they are not necessarily ready for the challenges that come with taking charge of some decisions in their lives. Parents may not be ready either! The process can be difficult, sometimes even painful, but it can also be exciting and rewarding.

The CHMS support services staff, ( the 3 counselors and the psychologists), are ready to help parents and students to prepare for the personal, social, and academic changes that lay ahead. We encourage you to work with us in this effort. 

Your child can contact us directly by asking for a "pass" to come to the office to discuss a matter that is of concern. They are also able to fill out a confidential Google Form to set up a meeting with his.her counselor. Typically, the student would meet first with his or her counselor, ( who is assigned to the same group of students for their three years here at CHMS, allowing us to get to know them and their families quite well). If the problem seems to call for more intervention the counselor would consult with the psychologists.

Usually, most issues are handled quickly between the counselor and the student(s). Sometimes we need to call the parents if the problem is one that the child cannot handle by him- or herself with our assistance. We will always keep you informed of anything serious, that requires your knowledge or support.

For some typical middle-school issues such as peer quarrels, occasional academic or social problems in classes, immature behaviors, etc. our first line of action would be to help the students to recognize the part their own behavior may have played in whatever the problem is and to figure out what they can do about it with our support and guidance. 

Don't hesitate to call if you have a question!

Parents who wish to contact us with questions or concerns, or to alert us to family issues which are impacting your child, should feel free to call at any time. If we are not available when you call, we will get back to you in a timely manner.

If school testing seems called for, the school psychologists, the counselors, and the special education staff would coordinate this effort after investigating the problem and reviewing the educational records of your child. Other referrals may be given by us from time to time for family or medical issues which would benefit from outside professional attention. You are a critical part of our understanding of your child. Please call us whenever you have a concern. Thank you.

Jennifer Broderick, Counselor 860-584-3881 ext 513219
Kristen Osowiecki, Counselor  860-584-3881 ext 513221
Elizabeth Netz, Counselor          860-584-3881 ext 513220
Matthew Bortugno, School Psychologist 860-584-3881 ext 513223
Cristen Bailey, School Psychologist  860-584-3881 ext 513218
Jennifer Ogonowski, Guidance Secretary 860-584-4837
Elizabeth Negron, Administrative Assistant 860-584-3881 ext 513214

Phone: 860-584-4837

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