Wellness Policies and Procedures

Wellness Teachers

Mr. Capitani Mrs. Larson Mrs. Salvatore

Wellness class meets 1 out of every 4 days 


Students are asked to bring to every class…

3 RING NOTEBOOK (with paper)




When a student is absent, tardy or dismissed from school early, that student is responsible for making up any missed work. Students should check Google Classroom for work that they may have missed. The student is responsible for checking with the teacher to be sure they have everything they need or for a more thorough explanation. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the assignments and hand them in within the same amount of days as absences.  All quizzes and tests should be made up within the same time frame.  See your teacher to arrange a convenient time.

Classwork/Homework Policy

Classwork must be completed in class in order for your student to practice new skills, review skills previously taught, and to provide independent practice needed to reach mastery. Any work not completed in class will need to be completed independently by the student at home.  Please establish a place and time for your child to complete the assignments.  It is best to cross reference what is written in the planner to the completed homework assignment. 

Late assignments (more than the following class)  will be accepted for partial credit. It is at the teacher’s discretion for how long they will accept each late assignment.


Chromebooks issued to the student must be handled with care while in their possession.  Any chromebooks that are damaged or lost will have to be replaced by the student.  Bristol Public Schools does offer insurance on the chromebooks if it is lost or damaged.


PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD’S PLANNER ON A DAILY BASIS.  The planner is used as an organizational aid and serves as a communication tool for parents and teachers.  All assignments should be written under the proper date and subject.   Teachers will write notes in the planner, please check your child’s planner nightly. If you write a note in your child’s planner, please be sure to have your child point it out to the specific teacher.  If there is no response, please call the teacher. Pages should never be removed from the planner

Trimester grades will be determined using the following guidelines…

Unit Test         100 points x 3 = 300 points total available
Quizzes           100 points x 2 = 200 points available
Projects   100 points x 3 = 300  points total available
Homework   100 points x 2 = 200  points total available
Classwork/participation  100 points x 1 = 100 points total available

     * Student effort is also used for grading

     **If a student is failing, the teacher will make contact with the guardian by either email or by phone call

    Student Behavior

Wellness classrooms run on the Chippens CARES Expectations, Cooperating with Others    Accepting Differences    Responding Peacefully    Engaging in Learning  Supporting Success for All!  Students who follow the CARES expectations, will have the opportunity to receive  PBIS rewards.  However students who choose to not follow the classroom CARES expectations , will following the following PBIS steps:

Step 1- Redirect/Reteach 

Step 2- Redirect/Change of Seat

Step 3- Students RESET (Timeout taken by student/form filled out)

Step 4- Progressive Discipline Referral-after school Detention, Phone call home

Step 5- Removal from classroom/office referral

**Students can jump to Step 5 at any point, if the safety and welfare of any student or teacher is at risk


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