Computer Technology Education

Mr. Ellsworth
Mr. McConnell

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

Students will be working with computers, hand tools and power equipment in the Technology Education Workshop this year in his/her CTE course.  

In order to assure his/her personal safety, and the safety of others, it is important that each student understands and follows the safety procedures used in the Technology Education Workshop. Your child’s teacher will review these rules with your child during class.

The Safety Procedures for Technology Education Workshops is listed on the following page.  Students must adhere to these procedures and practice acceptable behaviors to make these learning spaces safe for ALL students, teachers, and guests.  Please review these safety procedures with your child.

In the event a safety procedure is not followed by a student, he or she will be asked to stop working immediately and reflect upon their actions in writing.  The student will then have the opportunity to identify and demonstrate the correct behavior with the teacher, and at the teacher’s discretion, may be allowed to continue working on his/her project.

Safety Procedures for Technology Education W Workshops

Reasons for Safety Rules

  1. So you don’t get hurt.
  2. So others don’t get hurt.
  3. To keep equipment in good operating condition.
  4. To create a safe and responsible work environment.
  5. It’s the law!

General Safety

Ask permission from a Certified Technology Education Teacher before using any machine or tool.

  1. ONLY operate machines after being instructed on proper safety and use.  
  2. Report ALL accidents and injuries to the instructor immediately.
  3. Keep workbenches and floors free and clear of objects and excessive sawdust.

Personal Protective Equipment
Wear safety glasses at all times when using tools and machines in the workshop.
Wear safety goggles when using liquid chemicals, paints, and stains in the workshop.
Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) as required (hearing protection, aprons, etc…)
Wear appropriate clothing to work with the machines and tools.  Clothing should not be loose or hang down.  Roll up sleeves, pull hair back, and remove jewelry. Wear strong, closed-toed, closed-heeled shoes with no holes.  Arms must be covered above the elbow. 

Personal Safety
Stay at least an arm length (3 feet) away from anyone using a machine.
Keep fingers away from hot, sharp, or moving parts of machinery/tools.
Never use your hands or other objects to try to stop a moving part on a machine.
Never throw objects of any size in the CTE workshop.
Never play around while in the CTE workshop.  This is non-negotiable!
Stay alert while transporting sharp objects and cutting tools.

Machine & Tool Safety
Be sure the blade guards, blades and bits are in their correct position before operating machines; tell the teacher if any are missing, broken or loose. Report any damage to machines/equipment.
BE SURE machines are off and stopped before making adjustments or measurements.
Never leave a machine running or unattended.
4. Never distract a machine operator.
Know the location of emergency shut off power switches and protective fire equipment.


Computer Technology Education                  Grades 6-8

Small projects, quizzes, and homework assignments count as one project grade.

Large projects and Tests are counted as two project grades or more.

Projects, tests/quizzes and homework assignments are all based on a percentage grade no higher than 100%.  Assignment grades are all added together to give you a total.  Then the total sum is divided by the amount of projects assigned.  This will give the teacher a numerical average.

Grading Scale  

  1. – 100  A+

93 – 97     A

90 – 92     A-

87 – 89     B+

83 – 86     B

80 – 82     B-

77 – 79     C+

73 – 76     C

70 – 72     C-

68 – 69     D+

67 – 68     D

65 – 66     D-

64 below   F

*  All assignments are recorded numerically in PowerSchool from the scale above. 

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